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The Kern River Watershed Coalition Authority (KRWCA) is a joint powers authority, established to serve as the coordinator and coalition (third-party) group under the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP) in the Kern River watershed portion of the Kern County. On February 4, 2014 the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board) issued a Notice of Applicability (NOA) to the KRWCA, approving the KRWCA to represent member owners/growers of irrigated agricultural lands within the KRWCA boundary under the ILRP.

News & Important Dates

  • MPEP Technical Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 3 p.m. at the Kern Ag Pavilion located at 3300 East Belle Terrace in Bakersfield. Agenda topics to include: overview of the MPEP and what it has to do with the ILRP, what the MPEP will do for growers, how it will work and what it will produce, and an overview of management tools and information available for growers. Space is limited. RSVPs are required by Friday, March 24, 2017: MPEP RSVP
  • Farm Evaluation Survey (PDF)Reminder: Farm Evaluation Surveys for all farms located within the high vulnerability areas are due no later than March 1, 2017. Complete for the 2016 crop/harvest year and MUST be submitted through ILRP Farm.
  • Nitrogen Management Plan Summary Report (PDF) - All large farms with parcels designated in high vulnerability areas will need to submit the NMP Summary Report no later than March 1, 2017. The NMP Summary Report summarizes the information from the 2016 NMP Worksheet, and MUST be submitted through ILRP Farm.
  • Nitrogen Management Plan Worksheet (PDF) – Due March 1, 2017 for all farms within designated high vulnerability areas and CERTIFICATION IS REQUIRED. Complete for the crop/harvest year of 2017. All farms within low vulnerability areas must prepare a NMP worksheet as well, but do not need to certify the plan.
  • General Guidance on the Timeline Requirements for ILRP Nitrogen Management Plans for Citrus Crops (PDF)– A guidance document developed to help citrus growers understand and visualize the timeline and due dates of the annual ILRP NMP Worksheet and NMP Summary Report.
  • Southern San Joaquin Valley Management Practices Evaluation Program Summary (PDF) – This summary outlines ways to identify and solve water quality problems within the Tulare Lake Basin. The complete, submitted MPEP Workplan is also available under KRWCA Reports on the News & Updates page.
  • Annual Grower Education meetings were held on December 20, 2016 in Bakersfield, January 3, 2017 in Wasco, January 5, 2017 in Buttonwillow, and January 10, 2017 in Bakersfield again. Agendas for all four meetings were identical and included information regarding Nitrogen Management Plan Worksheets, and Farm Evaluation and Nitrogen Management Summary Reports (due March 1, 2017, no exceptions). If you were unable to attend one of the meetings, we have posted the presentation online.
  • KRWCA Winter 2016 Newsletter (PDF) – The Winter 2016 newsletter includes updates and information on: KRWCA Membership; Groundwater Quality Assessment Report, the Management Practices Evaluation Program, Sediment Discharge & Erosion Assessment Report, Surface Water Management Program, Chanac Creek Surface Water Quality Management Plan, Farm Evaluation Surveys, Sediment & Erosion Control Plans, Nitrogen Management Plan Worksheets and Summary Reports, reporting deadlines, and upcoming education/outreach events.
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